Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Budget day protests Glasgow and Dundee

Youth Fight for Jobs took to the streets of Glasgow and Dundee to show opposition to George Osbourne’s austerity budget and promote Saturday’s demonstration against the Tory conference in Troon.
In Glasgow our street stall was inundated with folk wanting to express opposition to the minimum wage freeze for young workers. Several people signed up for the bus to the demo at the Tory conference on Saturday. While the budget was being announced the local trade unions were considering booking more buses for Troon as the budget enraged workers and young people.

In Dundee local trade unionists and protestors from Occupy Dundee joined our protest in the city square. Wayne Scott Dundee Youth Fight for Jobs organiser was interviewed on the two local radio stations calling for an alternative budget creating real jobs and an end to cuts.

The BBC were in town to film people’s reaction to the announcement that the computer games industry (one of Dundee’s only private sector industries left) was getting a tax break. They obviously wanted to put a spin on events as disgracefully despite our best efforts they cut out the filiming of our protest.

This didn’t stop support from locals as students, pensioners and even a council worker stopped to sign our petition.

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