Friday, 16 March 2012

Building for Troon demonstration with the PCS Young Members Network

Youth Fight for Jobs joined PCS young members network activists in Bathgate HMRC to leaflet and campaign for the demonstration at the Tory party conference in Troon on March 24. Young workers signed up to get involved in the young members network and for more information about Youth Fight for Jobs, a campaign to which PCS is affiliated.
A PCS young member commented " Young people at this time of economic instability face the brunt of a job market that is unstable. We are forced in some cases to find work in low paid and low skilled sectors. The government have so far ignored demands for job creation and equality of opportunity. In these harsh times it is clear that the youth of today need to work together to change the governments stance of job cuts. We have the strength, ability and motivation to make real changes to what we are currently facing.

PCS has one of the most organised young members’ networks, a very easily accessible support network that can be accessed by new or existing activists. We have already taken action to fight for our employment rights, jobs, pay and services and this fight will continue, with the help and support of the young members’ activists.

In order to take this first step of working together with other young activists, PCS is working with Youth Fight for Jobs.  We are planning on taking our fight to the Government at their party conference in Troon.
I hope that many of you will be able to join us and show the government we are not to be taken lightly and we will not take their cuts agenda lying down".
If your a PCS member
Contact PCS young members network in Scotland for any information regarding joining up and getting more involved. Email or

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